Keith "Silver" Collins

Straight-laced gunner with an erased past


Keith Collins was an Ares security officer, working basic level security for one of their low-mid level offices/server farms in Detroit. He’d grown up with Ares being a creepy overly intrusive grandparent – his parents worked for them doing some very tight-lipped shit, and it was expected that he would work for them too. Needless to say, like the majority of kids who are raised by and for a corporation – he was pretty good at what they trained him to do. Put down the bad guys. As he got better and older, he was given a little more independence and training and eventually was even allowed to live off campus in an Ares-owned apartment building.

Fast forward to about 3 years ago. Keith packs his gear up at his apartment (he went to the shooting range the night before) and drives to work. He swipes his SIN to get in, but only the red blinking light of a “DENIED” shows up. After several attempts, security investigates some more. Turns out that overnight – something had happened somewhere in the net and almost all of Keith’s information, bank information, payroll, and history at Ares was deleted, along with several dozen or so employees spread throughout the world. His SIN still had him tagged as Ares, had all of his other information correct, just zero actual privileges and work history or other associations. It was as if he was born there and then chucked on the street.

Despite all the attempts to get this corrected, the bureaucrats and the lawyers and the IT departments couldn’t or wouldn’t do anything for a wide variety of reasons – such as not knowing what had happened, not wanting to admit they don’t know, not wanting to deal with so much red tape for just a handful of employees (especially grunts), and all of that jazz.

[ IT and local administration know what actually happened to Keith. Turns out that a group of shadowrunners had a gig the night his info got messed with. Their mission was to extract a low-level Ares employee and delete his info off of the server. They surprisingly did it without much fuss or collateral damage with one exception. Due to their novice hacker, they weren’t able to specifically find this employee’s particular SIN, so they just deleted all the information for every SIN with this guy’s last name…Collins. So every employee of Ares whose last name was Collins was suddenly out of a job and any stored information and work history. ]

So he goes out and tries to find a job, but almost every legit job in the world doesn’t like the big Ares tag that shows up on his SIN. Thankfully, DocWagon doesn’t really care about that and Keith begins a career in preventative medicine…the kind where he shoots the people trying to hurt him or his team before they can shoot him.

So, if this is all okay for you, I’ll be taking the Corporate SIN quality, he’ll be mildly Prejudiced (fucking Orc culture…), and have a mild allergy to shellfish (he’s actually never eaten any shellfish since he lives in freaking Detroit, but found out at a young age when they used iodine to help draw blood once).

Keith "Silver" Collins

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