Hilary "Mother Bear" St. George

Adrenaline-Junky Pilot & Single Mother


Hilary St. George born on February 6th, 2038 in Colombus, OH to Carlester and La-a St. George. Carlester was a blue collar graphic designer and La-a was an artist, favoring sculpture. Hilary was their second child; her brother, Leslie, was two years older than her.
When Hilary was 8, her mother was committed to The Ohio Hospital for Psychiatry for her paranoid schizophrenia. Four years later, after several cycles of getting better and relapsing, La-a killed herself. Hilary misses her mother very much and tries to remember the good times with her. In her apartment, she has a sculpture her mother made on display in the living room. After La-a’s death, Carlester decided to move the family to Detroit. He was originally from Detroit and he wanted to be near his family for support with raising Leslie and Hilary.
Hilary was bright in school and was particularly gifted in science classes. And like many youth gifted in the way of the sciences, Hilary wanted to be a doctor when she grew up. As graduation from highschool drew near, the reality of her single, lower class father sunk in; she would not be able to afford to go to college. So, she acquiesced the the recruiter’s urging and agreed to join the UCAS army to benefit from their college tuition plan after her enlistment.
The UCAS army, after extensive field testing in the late ‘40s, had determined that females made the best combat support personnel for infantry; their “mother bear” response. Due to their natural motherly tendencies, they were prone to go above and beyond in the field to protect their vulnerable charges. Hilary tested into the pilot program and was trained as a close air support attack helicopter pilot. After training, she was assigned to the 127th “Grunting Trouts”, which were currently assigned to Individual Ready Reserve.
During this period of her life, she worked as a bartender at Lucille’s on Broadway. It was at the bar that she met Anfernee Wallace, an accountant at Ares, to whom she would soon get married. They had a son together that they named, Tyroil.
Barely after Tyroil’s first birthday, the Grunting Trouts were deployed to help put down a rebellion in the Algerian Theocracy. She would not see Tyroil or Anfernee for the next two years. The tour was marked with intense periods of fighting, counter pointed with times of calm where the soldiers were allowed to head off base for brief periods of time, just to be thrown back into intense fighting. The conflicts were asymmetric and UCAS was never able to flex its full armored might in the field. Infantry played the main role in the conflicts, and thus, Hilary was sent on many close air support missions. By this time all pilots were riggers; the closer bond with their aircraft gave them unparalleled response time and control. The closer bond could also create a dependence on the rush of controlling their craft as easily (or easier) as their own body and experience of the world through enhanced sensing equipment. During her deployment, Hilary developed this addiction.
In one of the times of relative peace, she and her squad were cleared to head into town for an evening leave. They wanted to get some local food and when to a market square to do so. While there, a suicide bomber targeted her squad. Hilary was badly burned and significant portions of her muscles were ruined. She was put her through extensive reconstructive surgery and her damaged muscles were replaced with cyberwear. At the age of 26, Hilary was medically discharged from the army.
Readjustment to society was not easy for her. She was addicted to danger and heightened sensations and had to engage in risky activities, namely reckless driving, just to feel normal. On top of that, she had developed an intense uneasiness around large crowds. It was hard for her to keep a job and so she decided to go to school with her army money; she was going to pursue her dream of working in the medical field. Taking classes along with working part time was stressful on her precarious state. She found comfort with young Tyroil, but a wedge was being driven between her and Anfernee; he couldn’t relate to her need for danger and excitement in her life. They got divorced and Hilary took back her maiden name. She was awarded primary custody of Tyroil.
Upon completing her course work, Hilary was certified as a paramedic. The possibility of being able to fly a helicopter again (and feeling that extreme rush again) saw her apply to DocWagon. With her medical training and combat experience, she was hired without hesitation. After working for two years as an SRT driver, she was given CRT responsibilities. er specializations were in: paracritter response and Hazmat response (where she would pilot drones into situations that were too dangerous for people to enter. In 2071, at the age of 33, she was promoted to HTR probie for the Ravens. Her probationary period went relatively well; she received negative marks for taking a few unnecessary risks, but she was approved because she was effective.
Hilary continues to serve with distinction. She has been reprimanded for unnecessary use of force on missions; she is unsparing of with the gel rounds in a hostile zone and has shot and destroyed several ganger cars that were no longer posing a threat to the patient. She has grown accustomed to working C-shift, as having two days on in a row makes it easy for Anfernee to take care of Tyroil. It has become less important lately as Tyroil has turned 14 and is capable of taking care of himself. Tyroil has been struggling with his transformation into an orc and has started to run with some wannabe gangers.
Hilaary knows many members of the Info Santes armored ambulance teams and has recently started dating Fernando Veracruz, one of their field medics. She has not yet told Tyroil and has been keeping it a secret from DocWgon.

The Ten-Minute Background

In an attempt to get all the information I need to create stuff from character backgrounds without having to continually push for information, I am asking that you create backgrounds the following way:

Step 1: Write 5 background and concept elements that you feel are important to your image of the character. These can be a concept overview, a list of important life events, a physical description, a personality profile…whatever you need to get an image in your mind. 5 is just a minimum…more elements are encouraged!
-former army
-rough around the edges

Step 2: List at least two goals for the character. At least one of these goals should be one that the character has, while another should be one that you, as a player, want to see developed over the course of the game.
-Be able to provide a good life for her son and try and help him get back on the right track
-(player) fuck up her life and having to deal with it (ex. switching from C shift is going to make Tyroil’s shared custody schedule difficult), also I want to see a situation where a job has a cross over with her son’s gang activity or her boyfriend (Fernando Veracruz) who is an HRT medic for Info Santes

Step 3: List at least two secrets about your character. One is a secret the character knows, one is a secret that involves him but that he is not actually aware of yet. This will help me in creating plots that center around your character. I will also be creating a third secret which you as a player will not be aware of, so expect some surprises!
(What she knows) Her son does not know about her boyfriend, nor does DocWagon
(What I know) Her son is not just hanging out with the wrong crowd, he is involved in some serious gang activity

Step 4: Describe at least three people that are tied to the character. Two of them are friendly to the character, one is hostile. If you like, you can include an enemy of yours here as well, so I have an instant NPC nemesis to throw at you.
-Smoochie, her son
-Anfernee, her ex-husband
-boyfriend at Info Santes, Fernando Veracruz

Step 5: Describe three memories, mannerisms, or quirks that your character has. They don’t have to be elaborate, but they should provide some context and flavor.
-PTSD from suicide bomber
-Alot of people think she is a lesbian from the way she dresses
-Is addicted to the adrenaline rush associated with driving fast and recklessly experienced through enhanced sensor equpiment

Character Questionnaire

It’s very important that you have a pretty thorough understanding of your character outside of stereotypes. You will be primarily role-playing in this game rather than fighting and dropping dice, so your character’s back story, likes, dislikes, talents, hobbies, job, etc will all be more important than his or her base stats. There are no real classes, but rather everyone is good at something. This questionnaire is designed to help you get into character and decide on some details of your character’s life. This coupled with your back story will also make character creation really easy.

The setting for this game is urban, and takes place in a city or the very immediate outskirts of. Because of this, all characters are expected to be out of high school. If they are still in college, they must commute to their school everyday from the city or have some other reason to spend most of their time downtown, such as a full time job with night classes at a college, etc. It is also preferred that your character is not too old to get around. I’d prefer not to have a generation gap so large that no one can relate to each other, so 20’s to late 30’s should be average. If you want a character older or younger, you will need to talk to me and okay it.

So, let’s get down to it.

Answer as many of these questions as you can about your character. Elaboration where you can will help. If a question does not apply to your character, state why.

If you really want to print this out and give it back to me, go for it. Otherwise feel free to fill in the document via the computer and e-mail it back to me.

Also included in a separate file is the character creation sheet for World of Darkness to give you an idea of how the things your character is good at might apply in game. Please do not worry about filling it in at all right now, or base your character off the skills you see shown here. This is just to give you a small sense of how your character will fit into the game system once we get to working on it. Feel free to look it over.


1. Full name?
Hillary St. George
2. Any nicknames?
Mother Bear
3. When is your character’s birth date and how old are they?
February 6, 2038, 37
4. What is your character’s race?
Human, African UCASian
5. Where was he/she born (city, country, foreign country, etc)?
Columbus, OH
6. Was he/she named after anyone?
7. Hair color and style?
black, frequently braided
8. Eye color?
9. Is your character a male or a female?
10. Where does he/she live? (in general. A penthouse apartment, a small house on the outskirts of town, etc)
modest two bedroom apartment with her son Smoochie
11. Does your character wear contacts/glasses?
VR glasses when not jacked into a vehicle
12. Name one distinct physical feature about your character and why you chose it:
extensive cyberwear, replacements for damaged muscle tissue after being burned in explosion
13. Is your character single?
she has a casual boyfriend
14. Does your character have a family? (If not, explain)
a 14 year old son; her father 71 years old, retired graphic designer; brother, construction worker (company is owned by the mob)
15. Is your character attractive? (Perhaps a girl is born pretty, or maybe an office worker strives to look professional to be taken seriously. Think about not just beauty.)
eh, things would be better is she didn’t have burn scars on part of her face
16. Does your character have a lot of friends?
not really
17. Is your character hated?
18. Is your character in good health?
19. Is your character smart in any way? What’s his/her IQ?
smart and educated with computers and the Matrix
20. What does your character prefer to wear?
tshirt tucked into momjeans, white tennis shoes
21. Would your character keep a diary/journal?
22. Is your character religious? If so, any specific beliefs?
moderately dragon cult follower, goes to dragon church on the important days

1. Do looks matter to your character?
2. Does your character trust others easily?
not really, she is very protective of people she does not know well but slow to let anyone get close
3. What’s a tough decision he/she has been forced to make?
as a single mother, going to work at a dangerous job
4. What is the first thing your character notices in the opposite sex? (please keep answers honest but tactfully worded, for GM’s sanity)
whether or not they have a strong core
5. Is your character introverted or extroverted? Why?
middle; surly and prefers solitude when alone, but then becomes gregarious and people centric after getting excited
6. Does your character like music?
not really; prefers silence when not jacked in, and just wants to hear her engine and the sound of other cars while jacked in
7. What does your character think about other people in general?
She does. She spent her army career protecting infantry and her professional career rescuing people in medical danger
8. Does your character cook for him/herself, eat with family, or eat out most often?
She cooks only because she has Tyroil to take care of, otherwise she eats with the crew, often takeout
9. What does your character’s living quarters look like? Is the character clean, have an orderly mess, or a slob?
a little messier now that Tyroil refuses to do anything around the house
10. Name 3 hobbies your character has:
reckless driving
soap operas
collecting Beanie Babies
11. Does your character have a job or jobs? What does he/she do?
HRT pilot of DocWagon
12. Is your character in any way strong? Physically or emotionally?
physically fit from the army, emotionally strong if not a bit damaged from all the “shit” she has seen
13. Name the 2 most annoying things about your character:
scares her co-workers when she drives
snippy when she in in her introverted state
14. How does your character handle emotions?
walls them off from her, works out her problems behind the wheel
15. Does your character overreact?
when she gets excited, she does; when she is not excited, she under reacts
16. Does he/she prefer to work alone, or in a group?
alone in her task, but in support of a group
17. Has he/she encountered tragic times in his/her life?
traumatic explosion, divorce, having her son slip away from her
18. Name 3 bad habits your character has:
swears a lot
she is a voyeur, using her fly drones
drinks alone
19. What was the best moment in your character’s life?
when her son was born
20. Does your character have a bad temper?
once awoken, yes
21. Does your character get depressed often?
pretty much a constant base level of it
22. Is he/she impatient?
oh, yeah; she is always in a rush
23. Does your character have any fears?
crowds, losing her son to his gang, commitment to another man
24. Name 3 flaws or weaknesses your character has:
poor impulse control
commitment issues
25. Does your character have any beliefs?
She was brought up as a dragon cult follower
26. Name some achievements your character has made:
getting into a medical career
making it to HTR
27. What’s something funny about your character?
Engages in the normal “sad divorced woman” activities even though she has such a crazy job and speed addiciton
28. Does your character have any secrets? (Elaborate please)
She keeps the fact that she is seeing Fernando a secret from her son and from DocWagon
29. Does your character think he/she is better than everyone else?
She wishes she was more like everyone else
30. What’s his/her dream job?
She has it
31. Is your character racist/sexist/elitist in any way? How?
nope, her son is an orc and has had to deal with racism
32. Does your character have Road Rage?
yes, and she has a machine gun on her vehicle
Likes and Dislikes

1. Name 3 things your character likes and why:
adrenaline rush
ice cream
chick flicks
2. Name 3 things your character dislikes and why:
driving with her hands
being alone
bland food
3. What is your character’s current events area of interest? (Could be keeping up with news, or more interested in pop culture such as new movies, what’s going on with famous people, video games, military, etc)
trideo stars. News to try and piece together the story behind the runs they go on.
4. Does your character like to be outside?
only in the context of being jacked into a vehicle, which operates outside
5. Does he/she like sports?
casual follower of the Detroit Nightmares
6. Does your character like animals?
yes, cats in particular (she has 3)
7. Does your character like cake?
yes, she is prone to binge eating sweets and watching chick flicks when she is sad
8. What is your character’s preferred:

a. Food?
asian noodles
b. Drink?
terrible beer
c. Television show?
future Young and the Restless
d. Color?
e. Meal of the day?
f. Time of day?
g. Saying?
Fuck it
h. Place to be?
jacked into her car or the helicopter
i. Activity?
driving fast
j. Time of the year? (could be a specific date or more general)
winter, for sliding around corners on the ice
k. Type of restaurant?
9. What is your character’s least favorite thing about him/herself?
her feeling of no control over her life
10. What is your character’s most hated:

l. Food?
m. Drink?
n. Type of person?
o. Time of year?
She doesn’t dislike any particular season
p. Activity?
driving manually
q. Place to be?
home by herself
Because I Can

1. Most likely, how does your character feel today?
2. What advice would your character give to others?
go and do what excites you
3. Did he/she check ‘yes’ on the organ donor box on their driver’s license?
yes, she is future minded
4. Does your character wear his/her seatbelt when in a car?
yes, even her special head belt
5. When was the last time your character cleaned him/herself up?
this morning, good hygiene is important to her
6. Does your character watch late night infomercials when he/she has trouble sleeping?
yes, and sometimes out of boredom
7. Coffee or tea?
8. There is a button. DO NOT PRESS IT. What to do, what to do?
press it
9. What is one thing your character always has with him/her?
a pistol
10. How does your character feel about kids?
Loves them
11. How does you character keep up with what’s going on in the world? (Newspaper, internet, news on tv, or maybe he or she doesn’t care at all)
watches the news a lot, chats with the triage nurses and catches up on gossip
12. What did he/she do last night?
drank beers at the bar by herself after making dinner for Tyroil, which he did not show up to eat.
13. How does your character deal with telemarketers?
just hangs up
14. Last person this character spoke to? (on the phone, e-mail, in person, etc)
a few, brief words with a bar tender
15. Most likely, what is he/she doing right now?
watching tv
16. There is one item that stands out in your character’s home. What is it? (Deer head mounted on the wall, an aquarium, horse shoe on the wall, etc)
a sculpture that her late, crazy mother made

Now that you’ve (hopefully) got a feel for your character, things should get easier. I’d also like a brief backstory of your character’s history up until what you consider present to your character. It doesn’t have to be long or detailed (as little as a paragraph can do if you include everything you need to), but should sum up the important aspects of your character’s life. The backstory should include what your character is doing (in general) up to and including the days before the game session begins. If I think you’re backstory is missing something, I’ll ask, so don’t worry too much.

2038 0 born in Colombus, OH
2050 12 family moves to Detroit
2056 18 graduates highschool
18 Joins army, trained as pilot
2060 22 Individual Ready Reserve
22 gets married to Anfernee Wallace, an accountant
2061 23 has a kid (Tyroil “Smoochie” Wallace)
2062 24 gets deployed
2064 26 damaged in explosion, reconstructive surgery with cyberware
26 discharged from army
26 hard time readjusting to society
2065 27 goes to technical college with army money
2066 28 divorce, takes back her maiden name
2067 29 SRT Medic at DocWagon
2069 31 CRT Medic (drone piloting, paracritter response)
2071 33 HTR Probie, assigned to The Ravens
2072 34 HTR Medic
2073 35
2074 36
2075 37 current

  • disciplined for over use of force
  • has kill marks in her chopper for each vehicle and paracritter brought down
  • reputation for reclessness
  • addicted to speed and danger (adrenaline) experienced through Hot-sim VR
  • frequent speeding tickets
  • son becoming hard to deal with

Hilary "Mother Bear" St. George

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