Wheelin’ & Healin’ in the Sixth World

2077 – Detroit, Michigan, UCAS. Ares Macrotechnologies is the blazing star of the metroplex. Their subsidiaries control the police, street grid, waste management, power, even water. They have a representative on the Greater Detroit Metropolitan Commisson. Dominating the market doesn’t mean everything is all Ares, all the time. Ares corporate scrip may be the dominant currency downtown, but on thousands of street corners and office buildings in the sprawl, nuyen is still king.

Public services are so underfunded you could just as well call your granny as you could an ambulance. Knight Errant, the city’s police contractor, knows where the money lives, even if they technically provide “Constant Vigilance.” Criminals know where to play, who to pay, and what to say to keep their activities running smooth. That doesn’t keep the odd GoGanger from spiking a bad batch of novacoke and going on a shooting spree from time to time. Having a major arms manufacturer running your town makes hit pretty easy to find high-capacity weapons, half the gangs out-gun street cops (and everybody knows it).

For those you rocking a Dreamweed high, let me bottom-line it: At some point you’re going to need an ambulance, and you can choose whether it comes cheap, or fast and/or armed. The cheap version’s public ambulance…the correct answer, the one that keeps you alive, is:

Doc Wagon

Detroit DocWagon

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