Booker Killdeer

Co-founder of MOTOR & best-selling author; Orxanne's father.


64 Y.O. Ork(black) Male – 6’4/250 lbs – short, gray hair, neatly-trimmed full beard, usually wears a Sacred Heart Shooter’s ball cap (Sacred Heart Ork & Troll Academy’s championship basketball team) and a worn-out Pistons jacket.


Booker Killdeer was born in North Corktown, Detroit, Michigan on July 9th, 2012 to father Jonathan Killdeer and Mother Wyanda Clark. His father was a mechanical engineer who raised his only son alone after Wyanda’s death in the first VITAS pandemic. Detroit in the 2010s and 2020s was a much different city than it is today, with crippling poverty, intense socioeconomic segregation, a bankrupt local and county government, and little to no economic opportunities for black families like Killdeer’s. Booker goblinized in 2022 as part of the first wave, though is father did not. The resulting social turmoil would have a lasting impact on Detroit, and of course on the Killdeer family. Turning to the church, Jonathan found an accepting community. Rev. Denarius Carlisle opened his small church as a sanctuary to the many goblinized that had been forced out of their homes and communities.

It was in this community of faith and acceptance that Booker Killdeer was raised. Jonathan Killdeer was killed during the Night of Rage in 2039, and young Booker lost a hand. As Rev. Carlisle’s flock rode out the storm in the basement of Spirit of Hope church, they vowed to work for social change and acceptance for orks and trolls. Booker was a founding member of MOTOR alongside a few dozen others, and he continues to serve that organization and the ork and troll community to this day.

He helped develop the Sacred Heart Ork & Troll Academy in partnership with Sacred Heart Seminary, and has played a key role in making Orktown, Detroit one of the most successful and empowered ork communities in UCAS. He met his wife Janine, and they named their daughter Orxanne. She was raised in the Orktown community and has become as dedicated to empowering orks as her father, rising to stardom as an Orxploitation phenomenon.

Booker and his wife still live in the Spirit of Hope parish, where he continues to serve on the Board of Directors for MOTOR in his retirement. Booker is also the author of Detroit Press best-seller “Orktown: The Struggle for Identity in the Sixth World.”

Booker Killdeer

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